On Farm Trials

An on-farm trail (OFT) is an approach of adaptive research conducted on farmer’s field within their farming system perspective in their active participation and under their management. The objective of OFT is to develop technologies which might help in solving the problems of a group of farmers in a defined study area. Each KVK operates a small farm to test new technologies, such as seed varieties or innovative farming methods, developed by the universities. This allows new technologies to be tested at the local level before being transferred to farmers. It is a scientific approach to be carried out by scientists in the farmers field to evaluate the new technologies in different agroclimatic condition so as to increase the production and income over a period of time. In order to have better adoption of the technologies developed by the research stations, it is better to conduct participatory rural appraisal to identify the problems faced by the farmers and implement OFT based on the priority of the problems. Technologies assessed under various crops during 2023
SNO Thematic areas Crop Name of the technology assessed No. of trials No. of farmers Location Name Area in ha
1 IPM Mite infestation Monitoring and management of mite pests of almond 03 03 Patalbagh,Malangpora .0075
2 IDM Cabbage Aphid Monitoring and management of cabbage aphid in major cole crops under temperate conditions 03 03 Patalbagh,Sambora, Malangpora .025
3 Integrated Nutrient Management Almond Effect of foliar micro-nutrient spray on fruit set and productivity of almond 03 03 Newa,Wasoura,Qoil 0.25
4 Varietal Evaluation Onion Assessment of onion cv. Brown Spainsh for long shelf life 05 05 Malangpora,Renzipora, Padgampora,Chakoura, Arigam 0.05
5 IPM Apiary Management of Honeybees from diseases & pests 03   03 Dalipora,Wakerwan, Lajora 10 colonies
6 Management Tech. Apiary Seasonal management of bee colonies 03 03 Dalipora,Wakerwan, Lajora 3 colonies
7 Production and management technology Fodder Yield & nutritional quality of fodder grass in Horti-Pastural systems. 03 03 Malangpora,Tral,Rajpora 0.05
8 Intercropping Garlic Assessment of Garlic as intercrop in high density apple orchard of District Pulwama 03 03    Gasoo, Koil, Chandgam 0.5
9 Storage loss minimization tech Walnut Effect of packaging on quality & shelf life of walnut Kernels 01 01 Wasoura  
10 Orchard Mgmt. Apple Weed management in HD apple orchards   06 06 Koil,Yechgoza.,Kangan, chandgam,chandrigam 1.5
12 Varietal Evaluation Maize   Evaluation of SKUAST-K released maize varieties in higher altitude areas of district Pulwama 01 05 Nagristan 0.25
13 Storage loss minimization tech Capsicum Effect of packaging material on quality of capsicum 01 03 Malangpora
14 Production & Mgmt. technology Landscape plants Propagation of Landscape plants through cuttings 01 6 Malangpora
         Technologies assessed under various crops during previous years  
Crop   OFT Title Technology emerged/ Best Technology Option
saffron INM for saffron cultivation N:P:K(90:100:120)+ FYM@ 30MT/ha
Maize Effect of macro nutrient in Maize under rain fed conditions N:P:K(100:50:30)kg/ha
Brown Sarsoon Combined effect of NPK & Sulphur in brown Sarsoon under irrigated condition N:P:K(100:60:50)kg/ha+ Sulphur @20kg/ha
Cattle Effect of mineral supplement on milk yield of dairy animal 50gms mineral mixture(OD)
Cattle Effect of antihelminthics  on the worm load /parasitic load & milk production of cattle Albendazole(5-10mg/kg)
Quince Preservation of quince Muraba Limewater+2-3%alm solution
Crop   OFT Title Technology emerged/ Best Technology Option
Apple Management of Russetting in Apple Sulphur+Boron+Kaolin(7:1:2)
Apple Prevention of preharvest fruit drop in apple NAA 20ppm (one month before harvest)
Cattle Evaluation of production potential of urea molasses mineral brick (UMBB) prepared at FVSC& AH Shuhama on ‘Milk production of dairy cattle’. UMMB feeding (urea 5%: molasses 25%: mineral mixture 15%)
Crop   OFT Title Technology emerged/ Best Technology Option
Apple Improving fruit set in apple Solobar@1gm/L –At pink-bud stage
Apple INM in apple for quality Organic manure @20kg/tree +Urea@ 1.5kg,DAP@0.75g & MOP, &2.5kg per tree each
Apple Management of canker in apple Scarifying + application of Copperoxychloride +Carbandazium 2:1.9
Apple Management of insect and mite pest complex of apple orchards · Ist  spray: indispensable spray of HMO impregnated with Ethion 50EC @ 1ml/l followed by · 2nd spray with Dimethoate 30EC @ 1ml/l during last week of May (fruit let stage), · 3rd spray with Methyl-O-Demeton 25EC@ 0.8ml/l during last week of June (fruit dev. Stage 1st) and · 4th spray with acaricides like Fenzaquin 10EC @ 0.4ml/l or Propergite 57EC @ 1ml/l during Mid July.
Saffron Integrated pest management of saffron thrips. Fipronil 10kg/ha) + Alternate day collection of saffron
Crop   OFT Title Technology emerged/ Best Technology Option
Apple Soil and foliar application of potassium for color improvement Two foliar sprays of potassium sulphate @ 1.5% at fruit development stage IV and 15 days interval.
Apple & Almond Management of porcupine  Installation of an acoustic device in the area which produces different scaring sounds and makes the wild animals and birds to flee away from the vicinity of the installed area.
Apple Management of root rot of apple Soil Application of bio-agent (Pre-inoculated on FYM) near the affected areas.
Capsicum Performance of different varieties of capsicum under open condition Nishat-1 California Wonder
Chilli Popularization & Cultivation of different varieties of Kashmiri Chilli. Kashmiri Chilli Long-1
Kashmiri Chilli  Long -2
Crop   OFT Title Technology emerged/ Best Technology Option
Almond Management of short hole disease of almond Spray Copper oxy-chloride 50WP @0.25% ,Carbendzim 50WP @0.01%,Captun 50WP @0.3%,thropenate methyl @0.5% at bud swell, bud burst, petal fall, fruit let stage and 15 days after fruit let stage respectively
Apple Management of borer pests in apple Stem Borer Plugging of holes with cotton/cloth impregnated with Dichlorovos 76SC @ 3ml/l during June and September. Pin hole Borer:-Plastering of holes with mud mixture (Chloropyriphos dust 0.1% dust + Soil) in the ratio of 1:6) during growing season. Root borer:- Application of Carbofuran 3G @ 100g/tree about 5-10cm deep near crown portion.
Crop Title of OFT Technology emerged/ Best Technology Option
Strawberry Evaluation of strawberry varieties Variety Chandler at 30 cm × 1cm distance
Vegetables Scientific vegetable pickle making Vinegar based veg. pickle
Apple Fertilizer management in Apple Fertilizer management as per package and practice of SKUAST-K for fruit crops.
Paddy Management of paddy blast Tricychlozole-75wp@0.06%
Saffron Management of corm rot in saffron Corm treatment with carbendazium @ 0. 1%
Apple Fertilizer management in Apple As per package and practice of fruit crops
Tomato puree Determination of keeping quality of tomato puree Use of sodium benzoate as preservatives @ 1gm/kg of puree
Mustard Management of mustard Aphid Imidacloprid @0.02%
Maize Management of maize stem borer Imidacloprid @0.02%
Dairy animals Evaluation of production potential of urea molasses mineral brick(UMMB) on milk production UMMB feeding Urea-50% Molasses-25% ,Mineral Mix: 15%
Marigold Varietal performance of marigold Pusa Narang
Magnoli sp. Method of propagation in Magnolia sterlita, M.solemgiania and M. liliflora Mound layering and Air layering with IBA Treatment@1500ppm
Apple Intensity of pruning in Apple 1/3rd headback
Apple Evaluation of SKUAST-K released Apple varieties Red delicious
Apple Management of European red mite in Apple. Technology emerged “Propergite 57EC@0.05%”
Paddy Nutrient management in rice N:P:K(80:130:50)+10MT FYM/ha