HADP Programme

Seminars Delivered
Date Topic Name of the resource person
06.02.23 Dairy Development in J&K Dr.Ajaz Ah Ganie  
08.02.23 Self-Sufficiency in Mutton Dr.Ajaz Ah Ganie  
10.02.23 Poultry Development  in J&K Dr.Ajaz Ah Ganie  
13.02.23 Fish Seed and Trout Dr.Ajaz Ah Ganie  
15.02.23 Promotion of Wool/Pelt Dr.Ajaz Ah Ganie  
17.02.23 Fodder Resources Dr.Gowhar Nabi  
20.02.23 Human Res. Development Dr.Afsah Iqbal Nehvi  
22.02.23 Seed and Seed Multiplication Dr. Javeed A Mugloo  
24.02.23 Promotion of Niche Crops Dr.Imtiyaz Ah. Zargar  
27.02.23 Vegetables/Exotic Veg Dr.Rukhsar A. Dar  
01.03.23 Agricultural Marketing Dr.Imtiyaz Ah. Zargar  
03.03.23 Medicinal and A. Plants Dr. Javeed A  Mugloo  
06.03.23 Bee Keeping Dr. Shahnawaz A. Dar  
08.03.23 Sericulture Dr.Gowhar Nabi Parray  
10.03.23 Millets &Nutri-Cereals Dr. Towseef A  Wani  
13.03.23 Farm Mechanization Dr.Gowhar Nabi Parray  
15.03.23 Mushroom Cultivation Dr.Waseem Ali  
17.03.23 Promotion Of Oil Seeds Dr. Syed. Shujat  
20.03.23 Formulation Of 300 FPOs Dr. Shahnawaz A. Dar  
22.03.23 Integrated Farming System Dr.Javeed A Mugloo,  
24.03.23 Commercial Floriculture Dr.Javeed A Mugloo  
27.03.23 Rainfed Area Development Dr.Javeed A Mugloo  
29.03.23 Alternate Agriculture System Dr.Gowhar Nabi Parray  
31.03.23 Sensor Based Smart agriculture Dr.Rukhsar A. Dar,  
01.04.23 Minimizing Pesticide Use Dr. Shahnawaz A. Dar  
03.04.23 Soil & Land Resource Dr. Syed. Shujat  
05.04.23 Innovative Extension Dr.Afsah Iqbal Nehvi,  
07.04.23 High-Density Plantation Dr. Jahangeer Ah. Baba  
10.04.23 Clusters Dr.Afsah Iqbal Nehvi