Agroclimatic zone

Description of Agro-climatic Zone & major agro ecological situations (based on soil and topography))

Agro-climatic Zone Characteristics
Sub humid temperate Pulwama – Vegetables, Fruits and Cereals

Tral – Cereals, Fruits & Oilseed

Kakapora- Saffron, Cereals & Vegetables.

Pampore – Saffron, Cereals

Awantipora- Cereals, Oilseed

Litter – Cereals, Oilseed & Fruits

High altitude Rajpora – Fruits, Cereals &Pulses

Aripal-  Maize, paddy &Pulses

2.3   Soil type/s

S. No Soil type Characteristics Area in (ha)
1 Lower plane soils (karewas) Silty clay loams 24938
2 Group of Locustine origin Clay loam 33604
3 High altitude soils Clay loam 5030