Technology Assessment During 2018-19

  • Mgmt. of Foot Rot in Sheep
  • Mgmt. of Borer Pests
  • Management of Russetting in apple
  • Installation of Acoustic device at station in the maize field.
  • Mgmt. of Root rot disease of Apple
  • Evaluation of foliar application of different Boron concentrations and their effect on fruit set
  • Mgmt. of short hole disease of Almond
  • Soil & foliar application of potassium for color improvement in apple/li>

On Farm Trials Concluded

  • Nutrient managhement in rice
  • Effect of macro nutrient in maize under rain fed conditions
  • Method of propagation in Magnolia sterile,Magnolia solengiania Magnolia liliflora
  • Raising of paddy under protected cover with recommended seed rate
  • Effect of mineral supplement on milk yield of dairy cattle
  • Effect of antiheliminthics on the worm load/Parasitic load and milk production of dairy cattle
  • INM for saffron cultivation
  • Combined effect of NPK & Sulphur in Brown Sarsoon under irrigated condition.
  • Varietal performance of marigold.